We Are Here For You

Are you feeling unsure or confused about making decisions regarding sexual activity?

If you are deciding whether to become sexually active but are unsure of what the potential consequences of this decision will be, you may just need someone to talk with to help sort out your feelings and thoughts. Sometimes just talking to someone can help you to sort your thoughts enough to be able to make better decisions.

Are you facing an unexpected pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and don’t know where to turn or what your options are we can help. We network with other agencies and we can provide solid information and guidance about your options.

Do you have an organization that helps young women in matters of sexual activity and pregnancy?

We have a broad spectrum of life experiences among our staff who are willing to share with you or your group. We are more than willing to speak at events or groups.

Do you have a desire to help young women and the future generations?

If you would like to help us raise funds to provide resources, make a donation, or if you have donations in kind, we will always gratefully accept your help.

Have you chosen adoption for your child?

Caring for Kids Adoption Agency

Please check out our page “Birth Moms Support”