About Our Staff


I am the proud mom of two beautiful children – Paige is my first born and the one who made me a mom – and Corey, my always and forever baby.

When Paige became a mommy it transformed her life (as it does to all of us). She understood the deepest love – and the greatest pain. She knew first-hand the struggles a young woman faces when becoming pregnant – the struggles, the challenges and the choices. This experience birthed in her a mission to provide the support, the information, and the guidance to young women who faced these challenges. She now had a goal to work towards.

When her dreams were cut short, her burden for young women became mine. I wanted to see her dreams come true so I knew I had to make that happen. A friend of the family helped me with the tools and information I needed to get the foundation going and I created the PAIGE Foundation (officially) on December 29, 2008. I knew I wouldn’t have to do this by myself because…it takes FAMILY. My sister, Christina, was on board before I even finished explaining what I was doing because she, too, understood Paige’s dream. Together, we approached Paige’s closest friends and their desire, passion, and commitment to doing this was overwhelming. We had our first official meeting in June 2009. We’ve been doing this together, as family, ever since. Several of our friends have been faithful volunteers since our inception and have the vision and the passion for what we do. Two of these dear friends have agreed to take on the responsibilities of being a board member – Charlotte Pickenpaugh joined us in 2013 and Denise Bishop joined us in 2015.

Together, we want to be the kind of family to young women they may not have. Our amazing and committed volunteers and the organizations that we network with have the same desire and are here to help as well. If we help one young lady while she goes through one of the most difficult times of her life, if we keep one baby from being aborted, then we have fulfilled our purpose and I believe Paige’s dream. We look forward to being there for you.

I can personally be reached at paige.foundation@hotmail.com


I have been a “mom at heart” for as long as I can remember. The thing I wanted most was to get married and start a family. But the dream of being a mother became my nightmare when I was not able to become pregnant. After years of hoping and praying and difficult fertility treatments, my dream was still out of my grasp. I was so focused on becoming pregnant that adoption was not in my vision. After losing Paige, my priorities and outlook on life changed and God opened the door for adoption. Through this process God brought our precious son, Sam, into our lives.

Our family didn’t just grow by one person but by three people as we welcomed Sam’s birth parents into our hearts as well. After sharing in the joy and the heart-break of Paige’s journey, I have a unique perspective on birth moms. Though it isn’t without its challenges, my husband and I believe that Sam’s life is more enriched by having a relationship with his birth mom.

Losing Paige has given me a better perspective on life and because of our adoption journey as a family with Paige, and her self-sacrificing love for her son, I am inspired to be a part of the PAIGE Foundation. I have a love for these precious birth moms and what they are giving up to give a different life to their child and I want to support them in this heart-wrenching time of their lives. I also have compassionate understanding for adoptive moms and I want to provide information and emotional support through their journey as well.

I can personally be reached at christina.paigefoundation@hotmail.com


Many people come in and out of our lives. Some become just a distant memory, and others you hold on tight and never let go. I knew Paige was a friend that I would hold on tight and never let go. Even though she no longer physically walks this earth, her memory and legacy burns bright. The day Michelle approached me about the PAIGE Foundation, I knew this was exactly what Paige wanted. When Paige found out she was pregnant her senior year of high school, we were very supportive of her. It was difficult watching her go through the day-to-day struggles that she faced, but we never stopped being there for her in any way that we could. Her dream was to one day help young women, like her, that were faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She was blessed with a strong support system but knew there were many without one. I wanted nothing more than to carry on the legacy and dreams of my best friend. It is an honor to walk in the footsteps that she began to lay out for us- to educate, to love, and to support.


I am a semi-retired office manager for a law firm. I am a friend and former co-worker of Paige’s mother, Michelle. Our families became very close and knew Paige since she was a child. After Paige’s tragic passing, Michelle took on Paige’s dream of helping young women make informed life choices.
I became involved in the Foundation early as a volunteer, helping wherever needed. I have been a member of the Board since January of 2013.
Adoption is close to my heart as one of our dear grandchildren is adopted. Our entire family has chosen to volunteer with the Foundation as well. This is so close to all of our hearts.
I am happy that I can continue this wonderful group of young women who give their all.
I can be personally reached at charlotte.paigefoundation@gmail.com.


I met Paige and her mom, Michelle, about a year before Paige went into the service. At the time I was fairly new to the area and was trying to make some new friends. I went out of my comfort zone and went to a scrapbooking/craft event and starting meeting wonderful people! Two of those people were Paige and Michelle.

I remember how excited Paige was about entering the military and to serve our country. My friendship with the Villers family grew after the death of Paige.

I have been involved with the PAIGE Foundation since the start-up as a volunteer. I am so excited to be a board member to help keep Paige’s memory and her dream alive and to help grow this great cause.

I can personally be reached at denise.paigefoundation@gmail.com



My name is Rachel and I’m from Green, OH. I’m the proud mom of a very special little boy. He’s my pride and joy and I love watching him grow and I’m trying my best to shape him into a good little human. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going to church, hiking, and biking all of the metro parks in our area. As if mom life isn’t busy enough, I also manage the inventory at a large automobile dealership and serve as a board member of the P.A.I.G.E. Foundation.

Paige was the sister I never had. I met Paige during our eighth grade year at Green Middle School. Through many similarities, Paige and I became fast best friends. She was my person. She read my mind before I could even speak it. At the end of eighth grade, our friendship was put to the test as she moved 30 minutes away from Green to Norton, OH. We didn’t let the distance stop us from being the best of friends. We found a way to be together and we did it all together. Her friends were my friends. My friends were her friends. We went thru our awkward phases together. We went thru heart breaks together. I’ll never forget the day Paige told me she was pregnant. It was the Fall of 2005. We were seniors in high school. We thought we knew everything. This was the first time I didn’t have the answers for my best friend who always had all the answers for me. Back then, it was hard for me to fully wrap my head around it all. Years later, I can finally related to my best friend who loved her unborn child so much that she wanted the best for him. Paige’s biggest heart break came at the end of our senior year. She made the most selfless decision to give her little boy the life she dreamed by letting him be adopted into another loving family.

The P.A.I.G.E. Foundation is very near and dear to my heart as it was Paige’s dream to help girls who found themselves in a similar situation as hers. Paige’s time on earth was cut short so I feel she would have wanted me to help girls like she wanted to. It was so hard for her to know the right thing to do back then. She had a good support system but she knew she would struggle to provide the life she wanted to have for her baby boy. When Paige decided adoption was going to be the best option, she truly gave away a piece of heart to a new family, who she picked, to love and cherish it forever. The P.A.I.G.E. foundation is a collection of Paige’s family and close friends who came together to proudly carry on Paige’s legacy. I have been and will continue to be thankful to be able to help any young woman who needs it because that is exactly what Paige would have wanted.