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    Birth Moms Support

    You have chosen adoption for your child and it is the most loving and self-sacrificing decision a mom could ever

    make. You have chosen to give your child everything you are not able to give him or her at this time. But your heart is forever broken from making this decision. You may even find many people don’t understand your decision.

    We have partnered with Caring For Kids ( to facilitate a birth mom’s

    support group where you can find healing through meeting with other women who have made the same decision of choosing adoption for their child. It’s a community where others can understand and grieve with you. It’s an opportunity to find life-long friends, peace, hope, and help for your journey.

    The birth mom’s support group is a safe place for confidential support, encouragement, and friendship. Whether it’s

    been 20 days or 20 years since your child’s adoption you are welcome. Please join other birth moms as you support each other in your journey. This support group is your opportunity to meet other women who understand what you have been through and to provide support for one another. This community is a safe place to explore your own personal journey without judgment or fear.

    It’s time you stop feeling alone. We hope you will join us. Our goal is that you will receive hope, comfort, and


    Meetings are once a month at various locations. Please contact Christina Henry for the next meeting time and

    location – at 330-745-7334.

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