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    amazing nieces and nephews, daughter of incredible parents, sister of the best siblings in the world, friend of some of the most loving people….and you get the idea – FAMILY (blood and every other way)!  It’s my greatest treasure; it defines who I am. When my daughter Paige went through the most difficult experience in her life she leaned on family to get her through. And when I lost Paige I also leaned on family to get through.


    I am the proud mom of two beautiful children, wife of a very supportive husband, aunt of the most

    When Paige became a mommy it transformed her life (as it does to all of us). She understood the

    deepest love – and the greatest pain. She knew first-hand the struggles a young woman faces when becoming pregnant – the struggles, the challenges and the choices. This experience birthed in her a mission to provide the support, the information and the guidance to young women who faced these challenges. She now had a goal to work towards.

    When her dreams were cut short, her burden for young women became mine. I wanted to see her

    dreams come true so I knew I had to make that happen. A friend of the family helped me with the tools and information I needed to get the foundation going and I created the PAIGE Foundation (officially) on December 29, 2008. I knew I wouldn’t have to do this by myself because…it takes FAMILY. My sister, Christina, was on board before I even finished explaining what I was doing because she, too, understood Paige’s dream. Together, we approached Paige’s closest friends and their desire, passion and commitment to doing this was overwhelming. We had our first official meeting in June 2009. We’ve been doing this together, as family, ever since. Several of our friends have been faithful volunteers since our inception and have the vision and the passion for what we do. Two of these dear friends have agreed to take on the responsibilities of being a board member – Charlotte Pickenpaugh joined us in 2013 and Denise Bishop joined us in 2015.

    Together, we want to be the kind of family to young women they may not have. Our amazing and

    committed volunteers and the organizations that we network with have the same desire and are here to help as well. If we help one young lady while she goes through one of the most difficult times of her life, if we keep one baby from being aborted, then we have fulfilled our purpose and I believe Paige’s dream. We look forward to being there for you.

    I can personally be reached at


    I have been a “mom at heart” for as long as I can remember. I dreamed of the day when I would get

    married and start a family. But the dream of being a mother became my nightmare when I was not able to become pregnant. After years of hoping and praying and difficult fertility treatments my dream was still out of my grasp. I was focused on becoming pregnant and adoption was not in my vision. But God began a work in my heart as I witnessed my niece, Paige, go through an unplanned pregnancy and her choice of adoption. After losing Paige, my priorities and outlook on life changed and God made room in my heart for adoption. Through this process God brought my precious son, Sam, into my life.

    Our family didn’t just grow by one person but by three people as we have welcomed Sam’s birth

    parents into our hearts as well. After sharing in the joy and the heart-break of Paige’s journey, I have a unique perspective on birth moms. Though it isn’t without its challenges, my husband and I believe that Sam’s life is more enriched by having a relationship with his birth parents.

    Losing Paige has given me a better perspective on life and because of our adoption journey as a

    family with Paige and her self-sacrificing love for her son I am inspired to be a part of the PAIGE Foundation. I have a love for these precious birth moms and what they are giving up to give a better life to their child and I want to support them in this heart-wrenching time of their life. I also have compassionate understanding for adoptive moms and I want to provide information and emotional support through their journey.

    I can personally be reached at


    I work customer service at Allstate. One of my best dreams come true is being able to be a part of the

    PAIGE Foundation. I watched my best friend, Paige, struggle in her pregnancy at such a young age. She struggled with pregnancy sickness, being tired all the time and the stress of finishing her senior year while pregnant. But her greatest struggle was choosing adoption for her son. She wanted to parent him but knew she couldn’t give him the life she wanted for him. After she made the decision to give him an incredible life through adoption she made the decision to join the Air Force to serve our country. These two incredibly selfless choices are two huge reasons why this has become such a passion for me.

    the way she inspired me.

    My goal in the foundation is to not only share her story, but have her strength inspire young women

    I can personally be reached at ᅠ


    I am an elementary school teacher and during summer break I work as a kids’ camp counselor.

    When Paige found out she was pregnant her senior year, we were very supportive of her. It was difficult watching her go through the day-to-day struggles that she faced but we never stopped being there for her. Her dream was to help young women like her that are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She was blessed with a strong support system but knew there were many without one. When Paige passed away I wanted nothing more than to carry on the legacy and dreams of my best friend. It is an honor to walk in the footsteps that she began to lay out for us, to help those in need, and to teach young women that they can make better choices for their futures.

    I can personally be reached at


    I work as a paralegal and office manager for a law firm. I am a friend and a previous co-worker of

    Paige’s mother, Michelle. I became close to her family and knew Paige well. With the tragedy of her passing, Michelle took on Paige’s dream of helping young women with their life choices.

    way I could. I have been a member of the board since January 2013. Adoption is especially close to my heart as one of my beautiful grandchildren was adopted. My commitment to the foundation has flowed over to my whole family as most of them are volunteers for the foundation including my husband, daughters, daughter-in-law and my son.

    I have been involved with the Foundation from the beginning. At first, as a volunteer helping in any

     I am so happy that I can be of service with this wonderful group of women. Our goals are great and I

    look forward to meeting and exceeding them in the coming years.

    I can personally be reached at


    I am Denise Bishop and I met Paige and her mom, Michelle, about a year before Paige went into the

    service. At the time I was fairly new to the area and was trying to make some new friends. I went out of my comfort zone and went to a scrapbooking/craft event and starting meeting wonderful people! Two of those people were Paige and Michelle.

    friendship with the Villers family grew after the death of Paige.

    be a board member to help keep Paige’s memory and her dream alive and to help grow this great cause.

    I remember how excited Paige was about entering the military and to serve our country. My

    I have been involved with the PAIGE Foundation since the start-up as a volunteer. I am so excited to

    I can personally be reached at

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